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  The Dream-machine
Self expression. Chaos and beauty. Art. Consciousness. Existence. A devoted surrealist and full time psychonaut.
”The moon in all her immaculate purity hung in the sky, laughing at this world of dust. She congratulated me for my carefully considered maneuvers and invited me to share in her eternal solitude.”
- Shan Sa, Empress 
Lenora Carrington in Ode to Necrophilia by Kati Horna, 1962

”What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.”
- Charles Bukowski
”Spirit is Life
It flows thru
the death of me
like a river unafraid
of becoming the sea”
- epitaph on Gregory Corsos grave, written by himself


The Island. By me. © 2014 Irina Urumova

”Writing is an erotic device. The imaginary gaze of the gentle reader has no function other than to give the word a new and strange consistency. The reader is not an end; he is a means, an instrument that doubles the pleasure, in short a voyeur despite himself.”
- Jean Paul Sartre, Introduction to Jean Genet’s Our Lady of the Flowers


Pablo Picasso - Le Goût du Bonheur, 8.10.64 XV

If you could have 6 months to travel, where would you go and why? (PS: I like your face.)

I’d like to travel to Europe or South America… I feel there are plenty of magic hidden places over there. And thank you :p

”There is no final, satisfying way to balance our need to be known with our need to be alone. The balance is always uncertain and provisional; it’s always a matter of dissatisfaction, give-and-take, and sacrifice…It’s up to each of us to balance the risks and rewards—to trade, in right proportion, loneliness for freedom, explicability for mystery, and the knowable for the unknown within ourselves.”
- Joshua Rothman, Virginia Woolf’s Idea of Privacy

Lola Sade (2014)

(Source: a-femmefatalist)

”C’est néanmoins sans artifice que l’existence, dans le déséquilibre et l’angoisse, accède au “point” qui la délivre. À l’avance, ce point est devant moi comme un possible et l’expérience ne peut s’en passer. Dans la projection du point, les mouvements intérieurs ont le rôle de la loupe concentrant la lumière en un très petit foyer incendiaire. C’est seulement dans une telle concentration — au-delà d’elle-même — que l’existence a le loisir d’apercevoir, sous la forme d’éclat intérieur, “ce qu’elle est”, le mouvement de communication douloureuse qu’elle est, qui ne va pas moins du dedans au dehors que du dehors au dedans. Et sans doute c’est une projection arbitraire qu’il s’agit, mais ce qui apparaît de cette façon est l’objectivité profonde de l’existence, dès que celle-ci n’est plus un corpuscule tassé en lui-même, mais une vague de vie se perdant.”
- Georges Bataille, L’Expérience intérieure (1943-1954)


Bettie Page


Imagine yourself being
in your mother’s womb
as an embryo.

Stay in the position for awhile.

Ask yourself if you still wish to come out
into the world with all the knowledge
you have of what happened to you
and how you affected others.

- Yoko Ono



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